Fumio Kitaoka

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Fumio Kitaoka puts perfection in each of the prints that he makes. He brings together both the color woodcuts from Japan, while mixing it with Western style black and white woodcuts to create the perfect, harmonious balance in each of his pieces. The realistic and abstract presentation of his work has made him well known by many collectors and art enthusiasts throughout the globe.

Fumio Kitaoka studied at the Academy of Fine Arts where he learned the techniques of Japanese woodcuts, as well as oil painting influenced by the Western parts of the world. He was taught by one of the finest woodcut artists in the world, Hiratsuka Unichi, in the style of Sosaku Hanga, and was able to gain appreciation for this technique and eventually define a style of his own combining a unique blend of Japanese and Western influences.

The work of Fumio Kitaoka can be found at museums across the globe including the Museum of Modern Art in NY, Japanese Museum of Israel, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the National Museum in Warsaw. He’s also been featured in many galleries and prominent private collections.