Art Work Inquiries:

If you're interested in learning more about the artwork in the collection, please email us at:

You can also inquire about a specific piece by viewing the respective piece and clicking on the "Inquire" button.

Purchasing Department:

We continue to look for new pieces to add to our collection which are both in good condition and provide a value to our online gallery. If you have an art piece available for sale, please contact us at:

and include the following details:

  • Piece title
  • 3-5 images of the item including a full picture, as well as close-ups, and a picture of both front & back
  • Description of the piece
  • Background as to where you obtained it
  • Asking price
  • Contact information

Gallery Location:

(by appointment only)
The Koller Collection
4514 Cole Ave., #600
Dallas, TX 75205