The Yoshida Family

Collection of Yoshida Family Works

The Yoshida Family is the preeminent family of Japanese artists producing three generations of woodblock artists who have helped shape the artistic legacy of Japan. In honor of their legacy, the Art Institute of Chicago hosted an exhibition featuring a selection of their works in Fall 2018. More information on the exhibition can be found here.

Below we are including works by Hiroshi, Fujio, Toshi, Hodaka and Chizuko which we have in our collection. You can see that their styles vary quite a bit, from the abstract nature at the heart of Hodaka & Chizuko's work, to the landscape realism of Hiroshi & Fujio. Toshi, the oldest son of Hirsohi & Fujio, was also well know for his landscape realism, however after his father's death, he shifted more of his creative focus towards his own unique abstract style.

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