Japan Inspired: Nicholas Doughty - A modern interpretation on Shin-Hanga designs

by: Chris Koller

Nicholas Doughty is our first featured artist highlighting the impact of Japanese art on modern emerging artists. Nicholas is an artist out of Portland, Oregon working primarily in the method of pyrography. Stylistically he is heavily influenced by the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e and Shin-Hanga movements which comes across clearly in the approach to his artwork.

Although Nicholas doesn't produce woodblock prints, the artwork is tremendously impactful in its current form as one of a kind ink, pencil and pyrography works on wood panels.

There is something highly engaging, personal, relatable and emotional in the work he produces. You can imagine each person and hear their thoughts, feel their emotions and understand their intentions through the detail he puts into each scene. Or you can step back and look at the work as a whole and feel a sense of familiarity like you've been there before and it's a memory that you've had.