Best Practices: Caring for Japanese Prints

by: Lia Robinson

Japanese prints masterpieces remain an accessible and rewarding medium for beginner and seasoned collectors alike. However, like other works on paper, prints are susceptible to damage from a range of factors. Proper care and conservation of your collection will ensure your ability to enjoy the works  for years to come! Koller Asian Art’s general guidelines are meant to provide you with a foundation to maintain best practices while caring for your collection. Remember, always seek out a professional conservator or restorer specializing in Japanese prints if your notice changes or damage to your artwork.

Hiroshi Yoshida and the Jizuri seal

by: Chris Koller

Hiroshi Yoshida is one of the most well known of the shin-hanga style artists and his prints are in high demand from customers all around the globe. There are many outlets to buy a Hiroshi Yoshida woodblock ranging from your local gallery, to online auction sites like eBay. With the varying sources to buy a Hiroshi Yoshida print, and the volume of prints available, it's important to educate yourself on how to distinguish a valuable early edition print from the later impressions, reproductions, and posthumous versions of a print. There are a variety of features to look for in a Hiroshi Yoshida print, but what we will focus on here is the jizuri seal.

Valuing a Japanese print 101

by: Chris Koller

A high level discussion on what to evaluate when assessing the value of a Japanese print.