Japanese Art Galleries & Museums

by: Chris Koller

If you're interested in visiting a museum or art gallery to further explore Asian art, there are a few special ones which are world renowned and recommended in this post.


Honolulu Museum (Honolulu, Hawaii):

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (San Francisco, California):

Morkami Museum & Japanese Gardens (Delray Beach, Florida):

Art Institvte of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois):

THE MET - Asian Art (New York, New York):

The Crow Collection (Dallas, Texas):

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan):

Tokyo National Museum (Tokyo, Japan):

MOMAK (Kyoto, Japan):

Kyoto National Museum (Kyoto, Japan):

USC Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena, California):

Japan Museum Siebold Huis (The Netherlands):

MINGEI International Museum (San Diego, California):


Japan Society Gallery (New York Citym Bew York):

Robyn Buntin of Honolulu (Honolulu, Hawaii):

The Tolman Collection (Tokyo, Japan)

Scholten Japanese Art (New York, New York):

Mary Griggs Burke Collection (Online Only):

Ronin Gallery (New York City, New York):

Yoseido Gallery (Tokyo, Japan):

Japanese Gallery (London, United Kingdom):