• Les Jades by Paul Jacoulet
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Les Jades by Paul Jacoulet
Les Jades by Paul Jacoulet
  • Les Jades Chinoise by Paul Jacoulet (France, 1896-1960). Alternate English titled Jade Lady. Japanese woodblock print. Signed in pencil mid-right above the Boat seal. Seals of the carver, Kentaro Maeda, and printer, Yoshizo Onotera, lower right margin. Published: 3 February 1940. Special red seal with PJ in script on reverse. 

    Size: 18 3/4" h x 13 9/10" w
    Condition: Good impression and color. Slight toning to margins and reverse. Slight evidence of mat burn to image. Slight fading.

Artist: Paul Jacoulet
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