• Mirror Kagami by Koshiro Onchi
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Mirror Kagami by Koshiro Onchi
Mirror Kagami by Koshiro Onchi
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  • Mirror (Kagami) by Koshiro Onchi (Japan, 1891-1955). An exquisitie Japanese woodblock print by the Sosaku Hanga master himself. A modern take on the classical Japanese theme of a beautiful woman and mirror. Both expressive and tender in design, and with hints towards an appreciation of the work Naniwa Okita Admiring Herself in a Mirror by Kitagawa Utamaro. Truly one of my favorite designs I have come across.

    The work has a sense of intimacy, but also makes the viewer second guess whether they're capturing a private moment that was not intended to be seen. The partial opening of the door, the covering of the face, the partial view of the torso, all give the sense that this was a private moment in passing, but still has a sense of peace and tranquility in its approach. As in capturing a private moment of your loved one as they prepare for their day and you go about yours.

    Onchi is known to be very expressive in his printing style and you can definitely see this with his approach to the printing of the mirror, wall and even the doorknob. Only a few editions of this design exist and they vary in their approach and color. This edition was executed with a vibrant pink mica background.

    Dates to 1930, self-printed, and embossed with Onchi's signature (K. Onchi) in the top right.

    Condition: Very good overall. Faintly light struck.
    Size: 11 5/8" h x 8 3/8" w


    • Illustrated : Onchi, pl. 144
    • Kato Junzo, comp., Kindai Nihon hanga taikei, 1975-76, Vol. II, pl. 21
    • Helen Merritt, Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: The Early Years, 1990, pp. 178-199
Artist: Koshiro Onchi
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