• Rampu (Lamp) by Senpan Maekawa
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Rampu (Lamp) by Senpan Maekawa
Rampu (Lamp) by Senpan Maekawa
  • Rampu (Lamp) by Senpan Maekawa (Japan, 1888-1960). Sosaku Hanga Japanese woodblock print self published in 1959 as part of the book by James Michener, "The Modern Japanese Print, An Appreciation". Limited edition print numbered 306 of 510. Pencil signed by the artist. A beautiful and tender depiction of a woman in traditional Japanese dress holding a lamp. Exquisite use of colors to accentuate the glow from the lamp on the woman's face and clothing. A fun design with a minimalist approach. Look for the grasshopper gently climbing the inside of the lamp =).

    Size: 16 1/2" h x 12" w
    Condition: Excellent color and impression. Overall good condition. Upper right cut corner, thinning to margin from backing removal.

Artist: Senpan Maekawa
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