• Sunset by Masao Ebina
Sunset by Masao Ebina
Sunset by Masao Ebina
Works on Paper
Price : $95.00
  • Sunset by Masao Ebina from The Tale of Genji. Genuine Japanese woodblock print by Masao Ebina. Print is limited to an edition of 200 prints. Fine color, condition and impression. Good ink bleed through on fine Japanese washi. Extremely well printed including mica highlights, bokashi and lacquer inks. Deluxe printing: up to 100 individual blocks used for a single print. Artist's seal in lower left of image. Print has not been framed. The publisher, Yamada Shoin, indicates each print in the series required up to 100 impressions with the average being 50-60 impressions.

    Size: 12.68" x 8.9"
    Condition: Excellent. Good color, condition and impression.

Artist: Masao Ebina

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