• Winter Composition 2 by Reika Iwami
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Winter Composition 2 by Reika Iwami
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Winter Composition 2 by Reika Iwami
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  • Winter Composition 2 by Reika Iwami (Japan, 1927). This print was one of ten chosen to be included in James Michener's book the The Modern Japanese Print: An Appreciation. Signed and titled in pencil by the artist. Dated 1959. Limited edition number 469 of 510.

    Technical Details: Artist’s title: Fuyu no Kosei 2 (Winter Composition No. 2).  Four plywood blocks of basswood and lavan.  Printed on torinoko paper in three Japanese-style pigments plus sumi ink, with mica and gum arabic mixed into the black and red.  Two impressions for the gray background and one impression each for the black, the thick red, and the thin red.

    Comments from the Artist: This is one of two prints by the same title; I personally prefer the No. 1. Since the deadline for the contest was the 1st day of December, I picked the theme of winter for my compositions.  It was partly with a feeling of resistance against the cold and cruel impression of winter that I worked on these prints.  What I wanted to express, however, was that even though winter is cold and severe, it is at the same time secretly nursing the buds of hope.

    Size: 17 1/4" h x 12 1/8" w
    Condition: Good overall. Slight mat burn in the margins.

Artist: Reika Iwami
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