• Maiko by Kiyoshi Saito
Maiko by Kiyoshi Saito
Maiko by Kiyoshi Saito
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  • Maiko by Kiyoshi Saito (Japan, 1907-1997). Sosaku hanga Japanese woodblock print depicting a seated Maiko with intricate features of her beautiful kimono. Printed circa 1960s. Unlimited edition print.

    Curator's Note:

    This is a beautiful interpretation of a maiko in her traditional dress. A maiko is the term for an apprentice geisha typically used in Kyoto and Western Japan. The maiko's job in traditional Japan was to entertain guests by serving tea, singing, dancing and playing the shamisen, which is a traditional 3 stringed musical instrument.

    This specific work depicts the view of a Maiko from behind. This perspective leaves the viewer with the opportunity to truly appreciate the intricacy of the traditional hikizuri (kimono), as well as the darari obi, while adding a sense of intrigue and vulnerability to the subject. The isolated grey background allows the subject to sit alone without the need to define setting or occasion. A very engaging image.

    Size: 15 1/4" h x 10" w (image) + margins.
    Condition: Good overall. Light foxing on reverse outer edges.

Artist: Kiyoshi Saito

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