Themes: Stone Gardens in Japanese Art

by: Chris Koller

The sight of a stone garden automatically brings to mind memories of my time in Japan. These stone gardens are beautiful temples to simplicity, peace, balance and meditation. A central part to the Japanese meditative experience, you will find stone gardens as a theme in Japanese art work of all eras, but particularly among those artists who participated in the Sosaku Hanga movement. In this post I explore some of my favorite works around this theme and highlight the artists who created them.

Stone Garden of Ryonaji Temple Kyoto by Tadashi Nakayama

Stone Garden by Masao Ido

Stone Garden Kyoto by Kiyoshi Saito

Stone Garden by Toshi Yoshida

Garden in the Moonlight by Ray Morimura

Stone Garden by Hashimoto Okiie

Garden Tenryu-ji by Kiyoshi Saito

Garden by Masao Ido

Old City Stone Lantern by Hodaka Yoshida

Stone by Hashimoto Okiie

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