• Butterfly A by Chizuko Yoshida
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Butterfly A by Chizuko Yoshida
Butterfly A by Chizuko Yoshida
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  • Butterfly A by Chizuko Yoshida (Japan, 1924-2017). Japanese woodblock print depicting an abstract composition of a butterfly. Pencil signed and titled by the artist. This impression was printed in 1953. Artist seal in the bottom right hand corner. Acquired directly from the Yoshida family estate.

    Curator's Note:

    A beautiful abstract interpretation of a butterfly. Chizuko uses an off-colored sheet of handmade Japanese paper for this print. The off-colored sheet, in combination with the vivid colors used to depict the butterfly, makes for a layered composition that is both engaging when looking at the work as a whole, as well at its individual parts. Titled "Butterfly A", to me this indicates to be the original essence of Chizuko's "Butterfly" series which she produced later in her career.

    Size: 10 2/3" w x 15 4/5" h (paper size)
    Condition: Excellent.

Artist: Chizuko Yoshida

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