• Rain by Chizuko Yoshida
Rain by Chizuko Yoshida
Rain by Chizuko Yoshida
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  • Rain by Chizuko Yoshida (Japan, 1924-2017). This is one of Chizuko's earlier woodblocks completed right around the time that Chizuko and Hodaka were married. Dated 1953. This print is signed, titled and dated in pencil by the artist. This print comes directly from Ayomi Yoshida (Chizuko & Hodaka's daughter).

    Curator's Note:

    A beautiful abstract piece where you can feel the joy and wonder in the rain. It almost feels like the rain is dancing among the city lights. 

    Size: 9 3/4" w x 14 3/4" h (image) + margins
    Condition: Excellent condition, Small hinge remnant verso top left corner. Two print holes left margin where print held for drying.

Artist: Chizuko Yoshida

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