• Machi Musume Wood Carving by Yoshitoshi Mori
Machi Musume Wood Carving by Yoshitoshi Mori
Machi Musume Wood Carving by Yoshitoshi Mori
  • Machi Musume Wood Carving by Yoshitoshi Mori (Japan, 1898-1992). A beautifully executed one-of-a-kind wood-carved picture (itaborie), depicting a machi musume (町娘), meaning town girl. The woman appears in Mori's traditional slightly distorted look, but still remains elegant and portrays an attitude of boldness and confidence. Signed Y. Mori in the block. Self-carved and published by the artist. The woodblock image is colored by vegetable pigment instead of being lacquered. Published in 1983 when Mori san was 85 years old. Originally acquired from the Yoshitoshi Mori estate.

    Additional commentary on the work from the OsakaPrints.com site :

    "A favorite subject of Mori Yoshitoshi is that of young women, what in ukiyo-e and shin hanga were called bijin-ga (prints of beautiful women: 美人画). He took his inspiration from historical tales (Genji monogatari, Heike monogatari, kabuki, folktales, and so on) as well as from contemporary models. Among the latter, he had a fascination with women going about their everyday activities.... The marks of the wood-carving chisel remain visible throughout the image, leaving behind a complex surface that makes the portrait all the more vivid in its execution and aesthetic impact. Perhaps this manner of carving and surface finish may be compared to a gestural drawing or painting."

    References: Abe Setsuko, et al., Mori Yoshitoshi Kappa-ban (Stencil prints of Mori Yoshitoshi: 合羽版森義利) (Fig. 173 on p. 131.), Exhibition catalog, Ginza Matsuzukaya and National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, Netherlands, 1985.

    Size: 22.3 x 15.6 cm
    Condition: Excellent. Professionally mounted within a beveled silk mat and Japanese wood frame.


Artist: Yoshitoshi Mori

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