• No 3 by Toshi Yoshida
  • Framed
  • Framed
No 3 by Toshi Yoshida
Signed & Dated
No 3 by Toshi Yoshida
SOLDwork no longer available
  • No. 3 by Toshi Yoshida (Japan, 1911-1995). A dynamic dark abstract print with splashes of bright neon blue / green colors. At first glance, to me, it feels like what you may encounter at the very depths of the ocean. Although most likely the print is purely intended to be abstract. Dated 1952 and pencil signed by the artist. One of the first abstract Sosaku Hanga works issued by Toshi Yoshida.

    Size: 14 5/8" h x 9 3/4" w (image); 21 1/2" h x 16 3/4" w (framed)
    Condition: Very good color and impression. Framed.

Artist: Toshi Yoshida

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