• Transcendence by Toshi Yoshida
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Transcendence by Toshi Yoshida
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Transcendence by Toshi Yoshida
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  • Transcendence by Toshi Yoshida (Japan, 1911-1995). Signed and titled in pencil by the artist. Dated 1968. Limited edition numbered 5 of 120. Toshi trained under his father, Hiroshi Yoshida, mostly focusing on the shin-hanga approach to his prints. After his father died, Toshi began exploring more abstract designs, as well as self-publishing using the sosaku-hanga approach. This is an example of one of his Sosaku Hanga designs where he is interpreting the metaphysical.

    This print came from a large collection of 160 pieces initially purchased from the Associated American Artist in Houston, TX by the original owner of the print.

    Size: 16 1/8" w x 21 1/4" h
    Condition: Excellent.

Artist: Toshi Yoshida

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