• Woods by Hodaka Yoshida
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Woods by Hodaka Yoshida
Signed & Stamped
Titled & Dated
Woods by Hodaka Yoshida
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  • Woods by Hodaka Yoshida (Japan, 1926-1995). An abstract mid-century Japanese woodblock print depicting the moon over a wooded area by renowned 20th century Japanese artist Hodaka Yoshida. Signed, titled and dated by the artist. Dated 1955. This print comes directly from Ayomi Yoshida (Chizuko & Hodaka's daughter).

    Curator's Note:

    This is one of my favorite works by Hodaka Yoshida. A tremendous composition capturing the magic of  the forest under the night moon. The colors are rich and the abstract layers to the image leave room for the imagination to make its own conclusions. Most would consider the woods to be a scary place at night, whereas this work makes them inviting and full of energy.

    Size: 16 1/2" h x 9 3/4" w (image), 22 1/4" h x 16 3/16" w (sheet)
    Condition: Excellent.

Artist: Hodaka Yoshida
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