• Dance 69-95 by Haku Maki
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Dance 69-95 by Haku Maki
Detailed View
Dance 69-95 by Haku Maki
SOLDwork no longer available
  • Dance 69-95 by Haku Maki (Japan, 1924-2000). Cement mortar abstract woodblock print depicting the movements of a dance. Strong red design with embossed features. Limited edition numbered 7 of 155. Printed in 1969. Signed in pencil by the artist.

    Curator's Note:

    In my opinion this is one of Haku Maki's masterworks. An excellent balance between the simplicity of the colors and shapes, paired with the energy derived from the movement in the lines and the vivid tones of the red and blue.

    This work depicts the movement of dance. It could be interpreted as two people dancing together, or as an individual lost in the rhythm. The focus is on what I conclude to be the body, with the head using a black on black tone which is only noticeable when studying the print closely. It's as if the energy of the dance exists naturally within the body without the need for thought.

    Size: 23" h x 16 3/4" w
    Condition: Excellent colors. Slight mat burn. Some paper abrasions to verso.

Artist: Haku Maki

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