• Dog Animal Song by Haku Maki
Dog Animal Song by Haku Maki
Dog Animal Song by Haku Maki
  • Dog Animal Song by Haku Maki (Japan, 1924-2000). This is a rare Haku Maki Embossed Woodblock Poem from the Animal Song collection he did in 1968 as a commission by the Red Lantern Gallery in Kyoto.  He did only 50 prints of each of the 12 animals of the zodiac and this one is the DOG.   Each is his depiction of the animal name in Kanji.  Haku Maki has hand signed and numbered the print 12/50.

    From an estate in Carmel CA.

    Size: 15" x 15"
    Condition: Good. There some very small light stains on the white edge outside the print itself.  There are some very tiny white dots in the lower right quadrant. It shows three places at the top where someone had attached a sticky label.  There is a little damage to the back from the one on the left side but it doesn’t show on the front.

Artist: Haku Maki

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