• Kothimora Kukrie Dagger
  • With Scabbard On
  • With Scabbard On
Kothimora Kukrie Dagger
Back of Scabbard
With Scabbard On
Kothimora Kukrie Dagger
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Price : $350.00
  • Kothimora Kukrie Dagger. Kothimora, the Khukuri of the rich man are the daggers carried by nobilities and persons of high status. Like the one here they were weapons of high quality and richly decorated. A massive example with carved horn grip, the broad, polished blade with characteristic choil. In its velvet-covered wooden scabbard with elaborately embossed mounts set with glass gems. 20th century.

    Size: 51.8cm
    Condition: Excellent. Minor losses.

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