• Camellia by Kaoru Kawano
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Camellia by Kaoru Kawano
Signed & Artist's Chop Mark
Camellia by Kaoru Kawano
SOLDwork no longer available
  • Camellia by Kaoru Kawano. Mid century Japanese woodblock print. Image depicts a young girl in a floral kimono. Pencil signed and chop mark lower left hand side. Dates to circa 1950s. Image uses maika for a beautiful textured and shiny effect. Print done on handmade paper.

    Size: 17" h x 11" w
    Condition: Image and impression are in very good condition. Margins are in below average condition with significant thinning to the front side of the paper where the margins are due to the removal of the print from its mat. Tear to top right margin which slightly extends into the image area.

Artist: Kaoru Kawano

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