• Maria Kwannon by Kaoru Kawano
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Maria Kwannon by Kaoru Kawano
Signed & Chop Mark
Maria Kwannon by Kaoru Kawano
SOLDwork no longer available
  • Maria Kwannon by Kaoru Kawano. Image depicting mother and child with Christian symbolism. During the Edo Period in Japan, when Christianity was banned and punishable by death, some underground Christian groups venerated Jesus and the Virgin Mary by disguising them as statues of Kannon holding a child; such statues are known as Maria Kannon. Many had a cross hidden in an inconspicuous location. Pencil signed by the artist. Dates to circa 1950s. Artist's chop mark in bottom right.

    Size: 13 5/8" w x 18 1/2" h
    Condition: Good condition. Some toning in margins and verso. Tape marks on verso. Image in excellent condition.

Artist: Kaoru Kawano

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